Why Would I Need a Manhole Box?

If you are undertaking any work in a trench, it is imperative that you have the right support to prevent the ground caving in and causing injury or death to those inside. Manhole boxes are the most effective ways to provide this support, with Pro Shore providing them on excellent hire terms for any of your needs.

They are used when there are no services or structures and are the simplest way of providing 360 degree support. Depending on the size of the trench, some will come as a flat pack and will require simple assembly before placing them inside the trench. They are designed to be used easily and quickly. They work in a modular steel system and are available in a number of differing sizes. It is important that you pick the right one, (lightweight, standard or box design), for the trench size you are digging as the wrong size will not offer the correct support, and could pose a threat to your workers. 

The lightweight range is usually used for shallower trenches, whilst the standard range caters for greater depths and the use of larger machines.

Manhole Boxes are steel modular system used to construct manholes, chambers and other four sided excavations. A range of manhole box and tops are available to cater for greater widths and depths of excavations. There are also a light range aimed at shallower depths and lighter machines and a standard range that cater for greater depths for use with larger machines.

if you have any queries or questions about manhole boxes then don’t hesitate to drop us a line on 0845 003 8984 or contact us here.

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