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Items for Sale & Refurbishment Services

At Pro Shore hiring equipment is our main service, but that’s far from all we do. We also offer items for sale, which in some instances can serve to be a huge money saver over the long run for some of our clients. They may have a longer project or a bigger budget which makes purchasing the items outright more cost effective.

On top of offering items for sale, we also have a refurbishment service. Send your equipment to us and we can clean them up and repair any problems you may be encountering. Why buy new when you can have your old ones maintained to look and operate like new? It is naive to think that appearances don’t count, even in shoring, keeping your stock looking good should be a priority.

To find out what products we have for sale or whether we could refurbish your equipment don’t hesitate to contact one of our team here or call us on 0845 003 8984.

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